Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hole in One!

Well what can I say, yesterday whilst playing in the local golf tournament I had a hole in one on hole 17!

Hole 17 is a 160m par 3, and we didn't realise it was in the hole until we got to the green and couldn't find my ball. There was just a pitch mark 50cm in front of the hole. We tentatively peeked in and there it was, followed by some ceremonial whooping, high fives, dancing etc.

It was made all the better as I was playing with Sascha, needless to say the rest of the day was a right off ;) + following tradition the whole club house had a drink on my account!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Königsjodler Expedition - Part 2 (Read Part 1 first)

So after an average night sleep at 3000m some of our German room mates decided to get up at 5-45 to watch the sun rise. Great!

So day two - just the walk down to Hinterthal.

Across the glacier, past the devils eyes, then down the Torscharte into Hinterthal.

 Crossing the glacier

 Taking in the view

 The Devils Eyes, above Hinterthal.

The Glacier - should have bought our skis!

 Nice safe ladder!

 View round the back towards Konigsee


Back of the Torscharte

Torscharte route down to Hinterthal

View back to the devils eyes.

We made it down to Hinterthal in reasonable time 6.5 hours!

Königsjodler Expedition - Part 1

Well we spent the last couple of days climbing the Hochkonig - the hard way!

Known as the  Königsjodler this is the longest via ferrata in Austria. Basically this is rock climbing with the aid of a fixed steel rope for safety.

Here's a video that shows you much better than the photos how exposed it it:

Königsjodler video - to set the scene!

 The route - up to just shy of 3000m

Hermann & Carl - ready for action - I think?

 Climbing Up!

 The Virgin Step. Only a few 1000ft drop.

 Really happy there is a wire!

 The High-Wire

 The way ahead!

Still Climbing...

 Hermann - Took more photos than me?

 The view back down

We made it - top of the climb (only took 6 hours + 1.5 hours walk in)

 Just the short walk to the hut then! Ouch..

Sun set from the Hut..

A nice quiet night with 12 people sleeping our room! But we were glad to have a bed and a meal!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mountain Biking

Up to the Hundstien

The Top

Single Track Down